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Race Shirt

An Instant Classic!

Introducing the official race shirt of The Boulevard Race! Every participant of the Boulevard will receive this buttery soft shirt designed and printed by Spokane’s own The Great PNW. Thank you to Quantum Financial Planning for serving as the Official Race Shirt Partner. The elements and inspiration of the design are best described by the artist, Joel Barbour:

“We went with fall colors as the trees will be changing in September. The 4 stripes represent the 4 miles of the course. Since the race is around downtown and the river is so important, I incorporated the city, the river, and nature. Left side of stripe ends representing the flowing river. Right side of stripe represents the speed and movement of the race. Rounded edges of design keep the feel of community and approachable but kept hard edges on the mountains to keep the grittiness and intensity because it’s still a race.”

The race shirt is an instant classic! Register for the race and get your limited edition Boulevard shirt from the Great PNW! Shirts distributed on Saturday, September 23!

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